WW2 Victory Drop Leaflet North Africa

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This is a very rare drop leaflet announcing  the Victory in North Africa and other areas. Written in Hindi (Devanagri).

The flyer states:


For the victory of Friendly forces in Tunisia In Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Tinsukia and Digboi - 
Procession, Military weapons, Display of Aeroplanes, Games, Music, Distributing sweets to boys and girls.
 On Friday 21-May Morning.

Telegram sent to the PM


12th May 1943


General Alexander to Prime Minister


The end is very near. Von Arnim has been captured, and prisoners will most likely be over 150,000. All organised resistance has collapsed, and only pockets of enemy are still holding out. It appears that we have taken over 1,000 guns, of which 180 are 88-mm, 250 tanks, and many thousands of motor vehicles, many of which are serviceable. German prisoners driving their own vehicles formed a dense column on the road from Grombalia to Medjez el Bab all day to-day.
My next telegram, denoting the formal end of the campaign, will follow, I hope, in a few hours.


  I have never seen one of these around so believe this to very rare. Any questions please get in touch.