WW2 German Luftwaffe JUNGHANS CLOCK J30BZ Third Reich Me109 Fw190

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 Made in Germany for the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich. 
 Possibly from a WW2 ME109 Inside marking is J30BZ
 The chronograph mechanism was started / stopped by pressing the start - stop button, located below the wind/set knob. Each passing of the sweep second was recorded, up to 15 minutes, on the small register dial by the 6h. Returning the hands to zero realize by pushing the button located on the edge of the case, below of the wind knob. 
 The elapsed time rotatable bezel was used to record the passage of a specific length of time. 
 C A S E: metal case with a turnable bezel Size: appr. 78mm x 61 mm x 30mm used condition with some signs of use 
 D I A L: original black dial with 15 min-Counter Time setting - pull out the small level (right of the wind knob) and rotate the wind knob Plexiglas has few fine scratches very good condition 
 M O V E M E N T: movement J30 BZ with 15-min Counter. Not working as it is missing a brass cog.

Recovered by a soldier and made into a mantle clock, great piece of Trench art. But basic but just goes to show how they could adapt things in the trenches.