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WW2 Burma U.S.A Drop Leaflet RARE

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WW2 U.S.A Burma Leaflet CBA-31


This appeal leaflet depicts two American B-25 Mitchell medium bombers flying over the landscape of Burma. The Shan version of the leaflet was disseminated by fighters, depicted a P-47 Thunderbolt and was coded XBSha-30. The text on the front is:




These are American planes flying over your land. From this great height people down below look like small ants. That is why pilots cannot always tell friends from foe. To be safe, stay away from the Japanese.

The back has a longer propaganda message that says in part:


A Message from the Pilot of the Plane Flying Overhead


I am flying over your land to kill Japanese and to destroy their supplies. I have no other purpose here.


Before the Japanese attacked my country I lived peacefully at home. I had no desire for war. But Japan attacked the United States just as it attacked Burma. Now my comrades and I attack the Japanese wherever they are found. We shall not stop until the Japanese have been completely beaten…


Stay away from roads used by the Japanese. Stay away from the railroad. Stay away from Japanese military places. Do not needlessly endanger your lives...


Stay away from Japanese military places.