WW2 Ammo Pouches and Belt

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WW2 German belt and buckle including two sets of ammo pouches. The belt buckle is a green colour and the belt was originally brown as were the pouches.Buckle maker marked and dated 1943 by Christian Theodor Dicke.
Both pouches are slightly different from each other and both have markings to the rear, on has RBNr 0/0485/0002 and the other has undecipherable numbers and what appears to be the date 1943. All are in good condition and great collector pieces. Buckle has attempted to be de-Nazified, but you can still make out the swastika.

The ammunition pouch for the K98 (Karabiner 98) bolt action rifle was executed in leather. Each soldier had two pouches which held 30 rounds each. The pouches where divided in 3 main compartments with a divider in each. The 7,92 x 57 mm ammunition was loaded on 5 round clips. Pre/early war the pouches where executed in brown leather, to be blackened and polished by the individual soldier. Some time early in the war (most) producers switched to blackening the leather pre production. Further simplifications occurred in 1943 when the pouches where further simplified. Some of these changes are the shortened loops for the belt and the use of rivets in stead of stitching or even combined. The back of the pouches have a D-ring to which the front hooks of the Y-strap would be attached.   


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