WW1 Soldier Books Northumberland Fusiliers

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WW1 Group of Soldier books all from a Northumberland Fusilier soldier.

Book 1 

Musketry Regulations, Part 1 1914

Printed book with some fold-out diagrams and black and white photos. Gives detailed instruction on use of the British Lee Enfield Rifle series and musketry drill. 320 pages with pink endpapers listing other manuals available, red cloth covered card covers. 

Book 2

Scoring Book of Musketry and Judging Distance 1915

Writing inside July 1915

Book 3

Soldiers Small Book


Army Form B 50 the Soldier's Small Book, issued and carried by the British Tommy in the top right pocket of his Service Dress jacket in the pre- and early-war period. cloth material cover.


The Soldier's Small Book allowed him to carry a concise record of his Army service, and assorted information that would prove of use during service, from details of his attestation, next-of-kin, fines, saluting, badges of rank, rifles and kit cleaning instructions, to assorted recipes suitable for field cooking, notes on marriage, civil employment after service, wills, and much more.

Book 4


Health Memoranda For Soldiers


All British soldiers, including those with the Newfoundland Regiment, were issued a copy of this memoranda at the onset of the First World War to ensure they had the knowledge needed to maintain good health and hygiene


Topics:  Military hygiene


Publisher: London, England


Year: 1914

Equivalent to £30 per book