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Original WW 2 Surrender Leaflet Dropped on German Troops Safe Conduct Pass ZG61

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Original WW2 ZG61 American leaflet dropped on German troops in 1944 to demoralize them and induce them to surrender.   In excellent condition but has small creases. Priced to sell.  Scarce item.  




ZG61 was dropped from September 1944 to March 1945. The Allies printed 67,345,800, dropped 65,750,000. This leaflet bears the name and signature of General Eisenhower. It was printed in both red and green. The text on back is entitled "Basic Principles of International Law regarding Prisoner of War." The text is:




(According to the Hague Convention, 1907, and the Geneva Convention, 1929)


1.  From the moment of surrender, German soldiers are regarded as P.O.W.s and come under the protection of the Geneva Convention. Accordingly, their military honor is fully respected.


2.  P.O.W.s must be taken to assembly points as soon as possible, which are far enough from the danger zone to safeguard their personal security.


3.  P.O.W.s receive the same rations, qualitatively and quantitatively, as members of the Allied armies, and, if sick or wounded, are treated in the same hospitals as Allied troops.


4.  Decorations and valuables are to be left with the P.O.W.s. Money may be taken only be officers of the assembly points and receipts must be given.


5.  Sleeping quarters, accommodation, bunks and other installations in P.O.W. camps must be equal to those of Allied garrison troops.


6.  According to the Geneva Convention, P.O.W.s must not become subject of reprisals nor be exposed to public curiosity. After the end of the war they must be sent home as soon as possible.


Soldiers in the meaning of the Hague Convention (IV, 1907) are: All armed persons, who wear uniforms or any insignias which can be recognized from a distance.




To prevent misunderstanding when surrendering, the following procedure is advisable: Lay down arms, take off helmet and belt, raise your hands and wave a handkerchief or this leaflet.