Original WW 2 Surrender Leaflet Dropped on German Troops Safe Conduct Pass

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Original WW2 Z37American leaflet dropped on German troops in 1944 to demoralize them and induce them to surrender.   In excellent condition but has small tears and has been folded. Priced to sell.  Scarce items.  


ZG 37


ZG37 was dropped from August to September 1944. The Allies printed 18,500,000, dropped 16,956,000. This is a later version of the passierschein in both an eye-catching bright red or bright green color. However, it lacks the Eisenhower name or signature. The text on the back is the same as ZG21 and mentions Chapter 2; article II, with treaty number 846 corrected. The text is:


In accordance with Chapter 2, Article 11, Treaty Number 846 of the Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929, captured soldiers* in American or British hands receive the same food as soldiers of the American or British Armies. Their food is prepared in their own manner, from cooks taken from their ranks.


In America or Canada, prisoners of war receive 80 cents a day for work inside or outside the camp. Half that amount is deposited with a bank for after the war, the other half being paid in tickets which enable prisoners of war to purchase cigarettes, candy and soft drinks, etc., at the canteen.


Prisoners of war are afforded facilities for the holding of courses of instruction and study, for the performances of sports and games, the holding of concerts, theatre performances and lectures. They may read newspapers and listen to the radio.


Mail connection between prisoner camps and home goes via the Red Cross and is reliable and comparatively fast. After the war, prisoners are returned to their country as soon as possible.


* According to The Hague Convention (IV, 1907) the following are considered as soldiers: All armed persons wearing uniforms or a badge which can be clearly distinguished from a distance.