Imperial German Prussian 1889 Officers Degan Sword

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Imperial German sword Palash, Solingen blade, 1890 with eagle logo Kaizer Willhelm II, 36" length


Imperial German Palash Prussian Sword, Solingen Blade Model 1889 Officer's Degen or straight sword from about 1889 to about WWI; unusual folding right knuckle-guard (some are without this feature entirely); also an unusual double-fullered blade (both sides). Does not have a Scabbard.
 This pattern of sword was used by Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony, amd Wurttemburg - the only basic differences being the Royal Cypher/Heraldic Crest on the guard and perhaps occasional unit inscriptions found etched onto the blade. In overall good condition bearing in mind the age of the sword.