British Army Folding Pocket Knife

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The British Army Knife is a supremely simple and robust folding pocket knife with a locking blade. Made in Sheffield from stainless steel, this two-piece knife utilises a time-proven design and makes an excellent everyday utility knife. 

 The British Army Knife features a heavy-duty sheepsfoot blade, as well as a tin-opener and integrated screwdriver. A tough shackle is fitted to the handle, allowing you to attach a lanyard. The handle proudly features the Crows Foot stamp. Dated 1955.

 The city of Sheffield has been a world centre of fine knife making since the 14th Century, and this tradition lives on today in this tool. Traditional materials and techniques make Sheffield-made knives a living part of our knife making heritage and are a joy to own and use. 

 All folding knives should always be used with caution. 


  • Material: Stainless stee
  • Blade: Sheepsfoot  
  • Blade length: 70 mm  
  • Closed length: 95 mm  
  • Tin opener  
  • Flat screwdriver