19th century Sudanese/Chad Arm Dagger

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Circa 19th century Sudanese/Chad Arm Dagger.

This is a hand-made arm dagger from Sudan (or Chad/ Ethiopia), probably from the late 1800s (Mahdist period).  Knives such as this were carried by followers of the Mahdi.  He defeated the British (c. 1880).  The hilt is covered in leather and is hand sewn.   The hand forged steel blade is 7 inches with a slight medial ridge with a carved pattern around the edges. It is very sharp with tool finished edges. The blade is decorated with engraved talismanic symbols on both blade faces.  The overall length is 11 inches.


The sheath is leather.  There is a loop to attach to the owners arm with the blade tip towards the elbow. Worn under sleeves or a robe, the dagger could be drawn very quickly.